I'm a Melbourne born girl who has recently moved home after living in Europe for the last 5 years. I've been painting as a hobby in many different styles since high school. I've always had a great passion for colour, and the way that certain colours can make you feel a certain way. 

Each painting is designed to evoke your own memories of travelling, to bring back the sentiment of a beautiful moment in the past - vibrant emotions, sensations of warm breezes, delicious flavours and the bold colours of sunsets and summer!

Art Boheme started with me making art for my own home, the kind of warm nostalgic art that reminds me of travelling and warm summer nights. When other friends were also interested in the art, I realised that this style of vintage minimalist art with organic lines and shapes has a universal nostalgia and appeal.   Each artwork sold here is individually hand painted, because I think that there is something special about having original artwork on your walls. The colours I work with are specifically selected for their ease on the eye, the feelings of relaxation they impart and their compatibility with indoor plants and other bohemian home decor.

I hope you love my artwork as much as I do, it's an absolute honour for me to pour my energy into brushstrokes that will contribute to making your lives more beautiful and colourful!